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Children's Valley is an Oregon-licensed, Christian, bilingual education center.

We believe in the development of the whole child - the heart, hands, body, imagination, and mind.​ Our mission is to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment for their educational experience. Each program uses advanced, research based curriculum that helps each child succeed in their physical, socio-emotional, and creative development.

Advance Core Education

Research-based curriculum

Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,

Phonics and Language Arts

International Environment

Children actively construct knowledge

through hands on, multi sensory


Activities are open-ended and focus

on the whole child


English & Russian phonics and language development.

exposure to foreign language at young age,

increases a child's cognitive development.

Creative & Social Involvement

Music and drama classes.

Quarterly concerts provided by children for 


Bible Study

Introduction to Christian morals and 

character traits.

Training in the Word of God.

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